3D Exa-wave

Get your perfect body,
train not only gym but home!!
To make your core hardly!!

従来の2D振動 上下平面振動 2D:上下に動くだけ
3D Exa-wave 3D立体振動 上下左右にくねくねと動く
Simultaneously strengthen upper, lower, and back muscles with inner massage using complex 3D vibrations with 2 overlapping ripples.
3D waves reach the core.

Wave interference creates 3 dimensions.
Following the overlapping barrier when 2 waves meet is a remarkable property of waves.
When 2 pulse waves meet, the peaks overlap and the interference wave becomes one large 3D peak.
3D Exa-wave uses this theory as its cornerstone.

Product name: 3D Exa-wave/Power supply: 100 VAC, 50 Hz/60 Hz/Power consumption: 150 W / Timer: 10 mins. / Speed: 1 to 16 levels / Manual mode: 3 types / Program mode: 3 types / Dimensions: Approx. 453 mm (W) x approx. 800 mm (L) x 148 mm (H) / Applicable body weight: 100 Kg max. / Weight: Approx. 22.5 Kg

Main 3D Exa-wave Specifications

Product name 3D Exa-wave
Power supply 100 VAC, 50 Hz/60 Hz
Power consumption 150W
Timer 10 mins.
Speed 1 to 16 levels
Manual mode 3 types
Program mode 3 types
Dimensions Approx. 453 mm (W) x Approx. 800 mm (L) x Approx. 148 mm (H)
Applicable body weight 100 Kg max.
Weight Approx. 22.5 Kg


Main unit x1
Remote control x1
AAA batteries x2
Vibration-proof plates x4
Stretch rubber x2
Remote control strap x1
User manua x1
Quick start guide x1
Packing x1 x1

Safety Precautions

(In addition to the following, make sure to read the user manual.)

  • Pregnant and possibly pregnant women
  • People undergoing medical treatment
  • Recently ill people and those who feel physically abnormal
  • People with abnormal blood pressure
  • Feverish people
  • People with malignant tumors
  • People with heart disease
  • Acutely sick people
  • People with communicable diseases
  • Breastfeeding mothers and people caring for those who cannot express themselves
  • People who suffer easily from purpura or other internal hemorrhaging
  • People who may be bleeding internally following an accident or broken bone, etc.
  • People with conditions where bones may break easily, such as osteoporosis
  • People with arterial disease and thrombophlebitis
  • Intoxicated people
  • Avoid continuous use for longer than 20 mins.
    After 20 mins. continuous use, wait at least 2 hours before using again.
  • After use, turn OFF the main power supply, and remove the plug from the outlet.
  • Do not place in an unstable location
  • Do not use in wet areas such as bathrooms or near sinks, etc.
  • Do not use in vehicles, near naked flames, or in places with direct sunlight
  • Do not insert foreign objects
  • Do not place containers of liquid on top or alongside the device
  • Do not handle the plug with wet hands
  • Do not use other than the specified power supply voltage or abnormal power supplies
  • Do not overload the wiring
  • Do not use immediately after moving from a cold to a warm location
  • Take care not to damage the power cable
  • Do not use a damaged power cable