Personal Information Protection Policy

Riccoh Co., Ltd.
Director and CEO: Yoshiyuki Harashima

Riccoh understands that personal information is a valuable resource in today's high information communications society, and recognizes that the correct handling of personal information is an important responsibility for our company, and thus we declare that we shall strive to protect personal information based on the following policies.

1. Observance of Laws and Regulations regarding Personal Information

Riccoh shall observe laws and all other regulations concerning the protection of personal information, and shall handle personal information suitably.

2. Acquiring Personal Information

When Riccoh acquires personal information, we strive to clarify the purposes of use, and to acquire the personal information using suitable and fair methods.

3. Using Personal Information

The personal information acquired by Riccoh shall be used for the purposes stated at the time of acquisition or within a rationally related scope, and shall be limited to what is necessary for the implementation of duties. Further, if the personal information us used jointly with a third party, or a third party is entrusted with handling the personal information, the joint use parties and the third party shall be monitored to achieve suitable use of the personal information.

4. Supplying Personal Information to Third Parties

Riccoh shall not supply personal information to a third party without the prior agreement of the individual concerned, except where required by law.

5. Managing Personal Information

Riccoh shall preserve the accuracy and modernity of the personal information, and shall implement the necessary and suitable information security measures to prevent the loss, alteration, or disclosure of the personal information, as well as its safe management.

6. Disclosure, Revision, Stoppage of Use, and Deletion of Personal Information

Riccoh is aware of the right to demand the disclosure, revision, stoppage of use, and deletion, etc., of personal information by the person concerned, and shall respond promptly according to the law if so demanded.

7. Constant Revision of the Personal Information Protection Policy

Riccoh shall make everyone in the company thoroughly aware of this policy through training and education to ensure the implementation of this personal information protection policy, and shall maintain the highest standards through constant revisions.