double impact shape

A portable, compact high-frequency complex wave EMS device
that uses patented "double impact waveforms".

Max. frequency, charging type, and exercise scope are all improved. The "double impact waveform", which has acquired the latest EMS waveform patent in Japan, generates suitably stimulating waves that can train the inner muscles (deep muscles) and outer muscles (surface muscles) that conventional EMS find difficult.

Device Specifications

Product name Double Impact Shape
Power supply AC adapter/rechargeable battery
Power consumption 5 W max.
Use time 40 mins. max.
Timer 5 to 40 mins.
Safety device Over-current protection/output
Electrode cable 70 cm
Frequency 1 to 250,000 Hz (square wave)
Dimensions Approx. 64 mm (W) x Approx. 31 mm (D) x Approx. 150 mm (H)
Main unit weight Approx. 150 g
AC adapter specifications Rated input voltage/frequency: 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Rated output voltage/current: 5 VDC, 1 A
Materials Main body: Operating buttons (resin); adhesive band: adhesive parts (gel), conductor (copper wire)
Rechargeable battery Lithium ion polymer battery 700 mA

Main Unit and Standard Accessories

Main unit x1
Clip x1
AC adapter x1
Pad cable x2
Adhesive pad (long care pad) 7 cm round (4 pads per set) x1 set x1
Cleaning fluid (long care mist) x1 bottle x1
Pad cleaner x1
Self-measure x1
Pouch x1
Recommendations + quick start guide x1
User manual (with warranty) x1
Training guide x1
*The rechargeable batteries are mounted inside the main unit.
*Pregnant women, users with heart conditions, users where the body part is affected by a communicable skin disease, and any other users receiving special instructions from a physician should follow those instructions.
*Specifications and standards may change without notice.

Consumables Prices

Adhesive pad (long care pad) 7 cm round (4 pads per set) x1 set Manufacturer's recommended retail price 3,500 yen + tax

The following people should refrain from using the complex high-frequency EMS machine Double Impact Shape.

People using in vivo implanted electronic medical devices such as pacemakers, etc. People using mounted medical devices such as ECGs, etc. People with acute illnesses (pain disorders). People with malignant tumors. People with heart defects. People with high temperatures (38ºC min.) Menstruating women. People with communicable diseases. Pregnant women. If the skin is abraded or inflamed, or the body part is otherwise abnormal. If the person suffers from paresthesia in the body part where the device is to be used. People who suffer easily from purpura or other internal hemorrhaging. People whose bones break easily; e.g., those with osteoporosis. Any other people receiving treatment from a physician, people with physical abnormalities, or people for whom use has been judged unsuitable by a physician.